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What is Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system of functional evaluation and treatment of the whole body. In AK, the physician seeks to balance the physical – bones, muscles, joints etc., the nutritional/chemical, and the emotional/mental aspects of our beings.

The applied kinesiologist uses a vast array of tools to achieve this balance. These include: spinal manipulation, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, exercise, emotional release and cranial sacral therapy. With this large assortment of tools to choose from, it is possible to match the treatment to each individual’s unique needs.

In a typical session with an applied kinesiologist, the patient can expect to have a thorough physical examination which will include a series of muscle tests to evaluate the ability of various muscles to work properly. If the muscles which move a joint do not function correctly, the joint will not move correctly, and the body will let you know with pain. This muscle dysfunction may be caused by many things: injury, nutritional imbalance, emotional distress or even organ dysfunction.

This thorough evaluation is followed by a specific treatment designed to address each patient’s individual needs. The treatment may include any of the above mentioned techniques. The physician may recommend the use of nutritional supplements and home exercises. This “homework” is essential for the healing process. It is necessary for the patient to become involved in the healing process. In fact, it is NOT the doctor that heals the patient. The doctor simply points out problems for the patient’s body to focus on. It is the patient who heals oneself.

Applied Kinesiology is a healing system that is constantly being refined by doctors all over the world and of every discipline. There is nothing quite like AK and this makes it difficult to explain. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, or schedule a visit with Dr. Franz.


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